Mediation For Results

The primary goal of the JAS Mediation for Results (MFR) program is to prevent  homelessness by resolving housing related disputes and providing financial assistance programs .    A comprehensive range of services is available to help tenants, landlords, and organizations resolve conflict peacefully and affordably.

Just-A-Start Mediation For Results offers mediation in the following areas: landlord-tenant, condominiums and real estate matters.  MFR provides Trial Day mediation in Malden, Chelsea and Woburn District Courts.   MFR also offers one-to-one coaching services to help parties to prevent dispute escalation and save money.  Services are free although for some cases a fee may be charged.

Mediation provides parties involved in a dispute an opportunity to work together toward a resolution that can make sense for all parties. With the help of a neutral mediator, the parties can identify issues, develop and test possible resolutions, and reach workable agreements.

Contact Person:

Peter Shapiro (petershapiro(at) or 617-494-0444 x 317)


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