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Let’s build homes, careers, and futures together.

We welcome collaboration with corporate, government, nonprofit, and organizational partners to create opportunities in our community. Your partnership can help community members learn new skills, enter quality jobs, and grow on their career pathways.

Interested in sharing your expertise, network, resources, or encouragement with Just A Start’s students and graduates? You can help create an equitable future for our community – here’s how.

“The graduates that work at Addgene are models of hard work, consistency, and eager learning. They demonstrate to our other early career employees how to be good at work and develop in a role. This is noticeable by everyone at Addgene and admired. Addgene has hired 6 grads of the program in our packing room and lab. They all work hard to do their base work at each stage and, as they excel, they have been given new tasks and responsibilities. We believe this program is one of the best sources of tech talent in the city.”

– Dr. Joanne Kamens, Addgene

Hire Our Graduates

We match diverse, driven, local talent with employers around the Metro North area. Through our Biomedical and Information Technology Careers Programs, workers who have been widely underrepresented in the life sciences and IT industries gain critical access to career pathways and are equipped with the skills necessary to succeed while employers tap into a qualified and mature workforce strengthened by diversity.

Since 1992, over 400 alumni have entered the workforce with partner employers in life sciences and technology roles, including those who have been promoted to team leaders, managers, and supervisors.

We match talent with employers by providing:

  • Over 250 hours of practical training, with curricula guided by an advisory board of industry experts
  • Diverse, highly motivated, and work-ready talent, often immigrants with international academic credentials and/or work experience in related fields
  • Pre-screening of applicants to match employer specifications 

“Just A Start graduates are often distinct in that they’ve worked for years before continuing their education, but this only makes them better candidates! Our team members from Just A Start have skills and attitudes that are well-suited to our work and culture.”

– Lauren Ashbrook, Indigo Agriculture

Volunteer With Us

Is your company looking for ways to volunteer together? Just A Start welcomes local organizations to help support our community through skilled or hands-on volunteer opportunities.

Volunteer opportunities can include:

  • Workplace visits and equipment demonstrations for Biomedical and IT Careers Program students
  • Guest speaking or instructing in our educational programs
  • Mock interviews and job fair participation
  • Internship or apprenticeship opportunities
  • Food and supply drives for our residents and students
  • Resident and community events
  • Volunteer tax preparation

Have another idea? We’re happy to work together to create a customized opportunity that best fits your group’s interests and skills! Please contact Carmen Chan, Director of Philanthropy, at [email protected] or 617-918-7558.

Support Our Programs

When you support Just A Start’s programs, you take a stand for equity and make a powerful investment in our community.

We’re proud to partner with corporations, organizations, and government partners around Massachusetts and nationwide in our mission to create access to stable housing and build pathways to economic opportunity.

To learn more about ways to support Just A Start’s programs, please contact Carmen Chan, Director of Philanthropy, at [email protected] or 617-918-7558.

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